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Energy Systems

The availability of inexpensive and clean energy is directly related to the quality of life for the citizens of the world. Our ability to extract energy from our planet and efficiently convert it into other useful forms determines whether or not we waste our energy resources.

At Radiant Physics, we have worked with companies that are developing products to improve the efficiency of various energy conversion processes. Our activities are related to:

  • Thermodynamic analysis of cycles, devices, and machines to assess feasibility based on first principles
  • Mechanical design
  • Value engineering and assessment of manufacturability
  • Development of the value proposition for the product
  • Investigation of size of the addressable market and how to approach it

Many “green energy” products in the past have failed in the market because either they did not meet technical and cost requirements, or because the value proposition relied on substantial government subsidies. We believe that the green energy products that will ultimately succeed in the market must be economically viable in addition to being environmentally friendly.

Some examples of our recent activities include:

  • Assessment of a product to increase the efficiency of combustion in liquid-fueled boilers
  • Assessment of a product to increase the performance of engines for pipeline compressors
  • Assessment of technologies related to waste heat recovery

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