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Consulting for HST Companies

We advise Health, Science, and Technology companies with high growth potential that are commercializing new products and services.

For a company to successfully sell a product or service with a high margin, it must have a competitive advantage in the market. At Radiant Physics, we work with innovative companies that have one or more proprietary technologies that can be exploited in the market to achieve growth and profitability. We understand the importance of technical innovation for sustained success in the market.

A consulting engagement may include one or more of the following:

  • Technical assessment of a product or service
  • Manufacturability assessment
  • Strategies to protect intellectual property
  • Advice on management structure
  • Market assessment
  • Identification of value proposition
  • Competitive landscape assessment
  • Strategies to enter the market
  • Sources of growth capital
  • Exit strategies

As experienced technologists and entrepreneurs, we understand the evolutionary process that small HST companies experience–from the time of innovative inspiration–to the time of a successful exit for the founders. We can help HST companies at various stages along the way.

In the past, we have also invested in a small number of companies we felt had strong leadership, innovative products, and high growth potential.

We are associated with the following innovative product opportunities:

  • Quadcopter drones for industrial applications
  • Non-invasive blood glucose sensor using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
  • Whole-body imaging for fitness and health screening